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Vampire Academy/Bloodlines books masterpost


1) Because everyone should read these flawless books. Yes the title is “Vampire Academy” but they are so much more than what they seem. For one thing, they are in NO WAY anything like Twilight. The similarities pretty much start and end with the fact that they have vampires.

2) They are well written. All of the characters are well developed and have depth to them. You won’t always like their actions or the decisions they make, but what makes these books great are that the characters are relateable and realistic.

3) These books deal with serious issues as well, including slut shaming, eating disorders, body image issues, depression, self harming, mental illnesses, and others. They portray them as realistically as possible, and the fact that the characters dealt with these issues made me relate to them even more when i read them.

4) Characters you will FALL IN LOVE WITH and never get over. I’ll just leave that there.

5) Focus on friendships and relationships. There’s a pretty equal, if not maybe 60/40, focus on relationships and friendships in these books. In fact the friendships between the two main female characters is a big point in the first books and series, but there are so many beyond that. And the relationships are all just swoon-worthy. 

Anyways without futher ado:



*note* Bloodlines is the spin-off series of VA that is still on-going. It focuses on some of the main and side characters from Vampire Academy who’s stories weren’t complete.

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